Friday, May 8, 2020

Covid-19: A Gaping Hole in the Matrix (Morgan)

When the Covid-19 virus hit, thanks to an exorbitant cable bill, I had already left the Matrix. It was the kosmos that influenced what we think. The hatemongering tool kept the high, mighty; the minorities, oppressed; and the tethered, unaware. An ersatz environment made for you to trust because watching was not seeing nor listening nor learning. Indoctrination prevented you from truth, love, liberty, and happiness. I saw a gaping hole in the Matrix from my run-down house nestled in the urban pastoral, a confined place ravaged by crime and sustained systemic racial poverty, populated by taken-for-granted black voters, and yet prepared for such a time as this.

Last December in Glenville, before the quarantine, shelves inside the New East Side Market, which had opened in May, were already empty. 

Before all this, there was the death of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire financier and convicted pedophile. He knew most of Main Street, Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C., and even British Royalty. Epstein’s death meant a big-name pedophile had been silenced. Countless others were arrested but the media downplayed the stories since the POTUS had made a connection between the Swamp he promised to drain, globalists, and pedophilia. 

Next, was the Harvey Weinstein trial. The Oscar winner and Hillary fundraiser who knew the same globalist friends as Epstein, now convicted of sexual assault, needed a walker. With pursed lips, his victims scolded toxic men. Didactic tweets furthered confusion: Women were equal, but tweet sensitive? Tinseltown, home to make-believe, paid these women large sums of money, albeit less than men, to pretend. 

There were worldwide protests, beautiful images of the cinematic umbrella marches for Democracy in Hong Kong. Protestors waved U.S. flags and used Revolutionary War rhetoric. A million people took to the streets because they wanted the American Constitution’s rights. According to the Matrix, recognizing Slavery as part of our history nullified this country's greatness. Nationalism meant white supremacy. MAGA hats triggered white privilege violence that harkened back to the Jim Crow era when Negroes were beaten for their skin color and inferiority.

This aided a resistance movement. Blacks realized the insanity of certain traditional and obsolete beliefs. Sovereignty derived from black voters had elected legislators who used them as the face of unequal suffering that never ended. Blexit members remembered the Democratic Party was the party of slavery, the KKK and mass incarceration—it was the plantation. A last straw: No borders. No walls. Massive illegal immigration—a renewable supply of minorities promised jobs, education, driver’s licenses, voting rights, health insurance, welfare, housing, etc. The audacity of Blexit hope was met with mockery from Matrix overseers: panelists from “The View,” hip hop stars, black athletes, writers, Hollywood, talk show hosts, multicultural touting college professors, and cable news commentators.    

Observers saw that politicians who aged in office will not solve problems but instead used issues for re-election and wealth gain. A careerist congressman was exposed for the murder rate and rat infestation in his majority black district. Journalists cried the representative was untouchable because of his Civil Rights Era experience. Vindicated because he had seen 1960s racism and the president was a racist.  He voted against a border wall. He joined the chorus: Impeach, impeach.

The distraction: Impeachment for obstruction of justice and abuse of power. February 4, 2020, at the end of the State of the Union, the House Speaker, another wealthy politician, tore up the President’s speech. The denouement, those who listened heard him mention the coronavirus which would shut down his rallies, decrease his approval ratings, increase our taxes, tank economic gains, halt black employment growth and his hope of re-election. 

The virus closed the border and necessitated travel bans. The diversity party offered two rich elderly white men as presidential candidates. Nonessential celebrities told us from their mansions: “Stay home.” Newspapers died. Talk show hosts read from home. People hoarded supplies. Cable news ratings soared as the quarantined watched White House briefings to see the president parry with planted journalism operatives. Meanwhile, as unemployment numbers and the death toll rose, politicians blamed the president for killing people while they held up the 2.2 trillion-dollar relief bill until it was padded with pork. 

This I saw: Shelves bare, privileges pruned; the utopian life you promised precluded the civil liberties whiteness takes for granted—the ones I deserve. Everything you hated, I needed. Everything I loved; you took. Levelled, you lived like me. An election looms. The gap widens. As expected, an inordinate number of blacks are dying of coronavirus.  

Charlotte Morgan is a writer from Cleveland, Ohio who teaches at Cleveland State University. She uses reportage to tell her stories of the black experience in America. In addition, before the virus, she taught lively nonfiction workshops for Literary Cleveland. Her work will be featured in Literary Cleveland's upcoming anthology Cleveland Stories Vol. II.

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